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Premium Discounts

Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Adviser

Premium Discounts

The AdvisersGold™ program provides premium discounts for a variety of professional designations and risk management practices

Premium Discounts are available for the following risk management features and firm characteristics:

Risk Management Characteristics:

  • Internal Compliance Officer
  • New client screening procedures/Client Relations
  • Internal Management/Training/Controls
  • Good internal audit by SEC or outside consultant
  • Written Formal Policies and Procedures/Formal Risk
  • Risk management training program for new hires

Firm Characteristics:

  • Firm Structure, History and Financial Condition
  • Severity Exposure/Transaction or Case Size
  • Professional Qualifications or designations
  • Assets Under Management Ration

This information is intended to provide a general overview of the coverage described. Only the insurance policy and any coverage quotation offered can give actual terms, coverage, conditions and exclusions.

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